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Earthkeepers Take on Bonnaroo

Our thanks to Timberland’s own Brian Coleman for sharing with us his recent experiences at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, including hanging out with the team from the Big Green Bus and talking All Things Earthkeeping with entertainers and fans alike:

Rural Tennessee in mid-June is not necessarily someplace you’d want to spend a day outside. Night time isn’t so bad, but during the day it’s fairly punishing. I think that the people who put on the Bonnaroo Music + Arts Festival know this.

But they’re in a tough situation. If they waited until later in the summer or later in the year then it would be hard for upwards of 80,000 (mostly) high school and college students to carve out the time between school and jobs to get to Manchester, Tennessee (which, during the Festival, apparently rises from a speck on the map to being the sixth largest city in the state).

Bonnaroo Crew \'08

Timberland’s “Bonnaroo Crew,” 2008

Still, while the blazing sun is beating down on the colorful “county fair”-fashioned Bonnaroo site, you really have to want to be there. And the tens of thousands of people who attend every year most definitely do want to be there, which is why it continues to be one of the most popular and engaging music, film and comedy festivals in the U.S. Read the rest of this entry »

Now Rolling Through a City Near You

We’re living vicariously through the team from the Big Green Bus this summer.  In the 3 short weeks they’ve been on the road, this 12-person team and their veggie-oil powered bus have already lobbied with senators on Capitol Hill, danced at the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennessee, and served with a Hurricane Katrina relief organization in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.  We think they’re Earthkeeper Heroes not only for their commitment to alternative energy education, but also for managing to maintain such a frenetic schedule!



With every stop, the Bussers are spreading the good green word and growing their fan base.  There’s something undeniably friendly about a bright green school bus — packed with bright, enthusiastic college students — that invites onlookers to come closer, take interest, and listen to the story of this passionate team and their effort to educate America about the importance of alternative fuel, one city at a time.

Sadly, we don’t have enough vacation time banked to join the Big Green Bus team on their summer tour.  But we’re following their every move through their blog, video posts and podcasts on (and now you can, too).

And we’re not the groupies following from afar …the Boston Globe has taken a shine to the Bussers and their mission as well.  Click here for the Globe’s feature story on the “Big Green Machine Dream Team,” and follow their ongoing coverage through the Globe’s travel blog.

Roll on, Bussers.  Here’s hoping for a smooth ride, copious veggie oil and greener days ahead.