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10-Sec Tech: Don’t Slip On the Wet Stuff

For Timberland consumers who appreciate how our products look, feel and perform but have no interest whatsoever in understanding the innovative technology inside them, we proudly introduce 10-sec tech – Timberland’s lighthearted attempt at making you aware of the quality attributes of our products without actually explaining them at all.

Without further ado, we give you Gripstick Technology*:

What? You don’t think geckos and tiny plungers are innovative technology? Clearly you haven’t tried our Formentor boat shoes – those suckers are sticky.

Inquiring minds who do want to better understand the “grip” inside our Gripstick Technology are invited to click here for serious and legitimate information that explains the materials and technology that help our boat shoes perform so well.

The rest of you can stay tuned to the Bootmakers Blog for future installments of Timberland’s 10-sec tech … because life is too short to take yourself (or your shoes) too seriously.

*No geckos were harmed in the making of this video.

Trail of Heroes, Outdoor Treasure Hunt

Timberland Europe teamed up with Geocaching to launch the Trail of Heroes, merging our key values of eco-friendly, love of the outdoors and adventure with the world’s largest location-based recreational activity.

For readers not familiar with the game, geocaching is essentially a high-tech “treasure hunt” in which players use Global Positioning Systems (GPS) devices to hide and seek hidden containers, (called caches) in the outdoors.  Caches come in all shapes and sizes, and all contain a log book or logsheet for players to sign. There are currently over one million active geocaches hidden around the world.

We love the outdoors, and the aim of this high-tech outdoor treasure hunt was to encourage people to rediscover the environmental treasures hidden in these great cities using GPS to locate the caches.

The series of events launched on 18th May 2011 in Paris, Brussels, Madrid, London, Milan and Berlin. We hid 4 caches in each of the cities, and all people had to do was find each of the caches and record the “hero ID” hidden inside and load it onto our Trail of Heroes website.

One of the Timberland Trail of Heroes caches

There were great rewards up for grabs for those taking part, including Earthkeeper boots for the first person in each country to find the caches, and a grand prize being awarded to the overall European winner of a trip for 2 to Iceland. This prize includes a hiking excursion of Iceland’s highest waterfall, geysers and glaciers. This prize will be won when the final cache is released across the participating countries tomorrow, 3rd June.

A trip to Iceland for the lucky Trail of Heroes winner

Take a look at the video to see what it’s all about:

Offering Help and Hope for Joplin

Ten days ago, a tornado devastated Joplin, MO, a city of 50,000 people. The storm destroyed 30% of the city, including an estimated 5,000 homes and businesses, and killed more than 100 people. 10 people are still missing. Today marks the beginning of the lengthy (and costly) process of removing the debris so that Joplin can eventually rebuild.

From the wake of this storm emerge many inspirational stories. One comes from Cintas, a uniform rental and supply company that Timberland does business with, located 45 minutes from Joplin. Within days of the storm, Cintas partnered with the American Red Cross and a network of local organizations to gather and transport urgently needed relief items (including first aid supplies, safety apparel, work boots, gloves, tarps, hand sanitizer, snack foods, and water) to Joplin. The Cintas Cares Convoy has committed to make deliveries to Joplin every other day until the demand for such items declines.

Following the Joplin tornado, Cintas issued a call to its various vendors (Timberland included) to ask for donated items needed for the recovery effort. As a result, a shipment of Timberland PRO boots is currently on its way to Cintas and will be delivered to the recovery workers in Joplin by the end of this week.

Cintas isn’t alone in its support of tornado victims; Convoy of Hope, an organization based in Springfield, MO is spearheading much of the recovery work and has already delivered over 500,000 pounds of food, water and supplies to survivors. Click here to learn more about Convoy of Hope and how you can support their work in Joplin.

We’re grateful to Cintas for giving us an opportunity to be part of the recovery and rebuilding efforts in Joplin, and to organizations like Convoy of Hope for the important work they do to provide much needed aid and support.