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Earthkeepers in San Francisco

Hot on the heels of our Earthkeepers experience in New York City, our Timberland Earthkeepers team was last spotted in San Francisco’s Union Square.  Booth visitors got to see our Earthkeepers Fall 2011 collection and learn about our eco-friendly initiatives, our pedi-cabs offered zero-emission rides in town, and we even rewarded unsuspecting San Franciscans for their random acts of Earthkeeping.

It’s all part of our appreciation for living an eco-friendly lifestyle.  Check it out:

The Earthkeepers Pop-Up Booth

Showcasing our environmental values - from product design and labeling to our global reforestation efforts

Made with reclaimed and recycled materials, the booth showcases the latest eco-minded, stylish footwear from our Fall 2011 Collection, and also educates and inspires consumers to be Earthkeepers

Consumers can plant a tree via the "Plant a Tree” application on our Facebook page. For every virtual tree planted, we'll plant a real one.

Timberland pedi-cab ride, anyone?

If you missed the Earthkeepers booth, don’t worry – you can still check out the Earthkeepers collection or learn about our tree-planting commitment on our website.

It’s Green Gift Monday! Gift Responsibly

Warm up your fingertips, it’s Cyber Monday — the biggest online shopping day of the year.  But it’s also Green Gift Monday — a campaign launched last year by our friends at the Nature Conservancy to encourage more meaningful and responsible holiday gift giving.  And  when it comes to giving — isn’t ‘meaningful’ the point anyway?

Consider these gift ideas from the Nature Conservancy:

DIY.  You don’t have to be a professional glue-gunner to make your own gifts.  A wreath made of recycled (read: too ugly to warrant closet space) neckties, a batch of homemade applesauce or soup can luminaries are thoughtful, personal and eco-awesome.

Charitable gifts.  Your mother is impossible to buy for?  So don’t.  Instead, make a donation to a nonprofit (preferably one that’s near and dear to her) in her name.

Green goods.  Surely there’s a kid on your list who would love a skateboard made from sustainable bamboo or colorful cloth dolls made from organic or reclaimed fabrics.  And for the outdoor enthusiast,  may we humbly suggest a new jacket or pair of boots — using environmentally-preferred materials — from our Earthkeepers Collection?

For more gift-giving inspiration and ideas on how to green your holidays in other ways, visit the Green Gift Monday website.  You can also join the 1200+ who have already pledged to give green this holiday season by clicking the box below or going here.

Put Down that Turkey Leg and Lace Up Your Hikers

Whether you overdid it with the mashed potatoes yesterday or just can’t seem to find your holiday cheer, there’s no better solution than a walk in the woods.  Before you head out on the trail, take note of these tips from Outside TV and AMC Guide, Nate Shedd:

Now that you’re sufficiently inspired to get outdoors, make sure you’ve got the gear you need. You can shop our full collection of hikers here.

Giving Thanks

It’s that time of year again, when those of us on Timberland’s US team take pause and share a few days of family, food and (hopefully) fun beyond the office walls.  Below, some of the Bootmakers bloggers share what they’re thankful for on this Thanksgiving Eve:

I am thankful for cold weather, warm sweaters and snuggly scarves!  I am also thankful for great sledding hills, hot cocoa with marshmallows and my wonderful family who shares in all the fun!  – Laura

I’m thankful for the four day weekend that allows me the opportunity to spend quality time outdoors with family and friends.  – Margaret

I am thankful to be growing my family. My husband and I are expecting our first child and we couldn’t be more thrilled. To me the holidays have always been about spending time with those I care about most and we are excited to welcome the newest member of the family next year.  – Adriana

Holidays with friends and family, the expectation of snow, and the look in my daughter’s eyes when we scream 4-day weekend!  – Brian

I’m thankful for a holiday that allows us to take a break from our chaotic, busy routines for a day to reflect on and appreciate not what we want, but what we do have … and I’m REALLY thankful that it’s time to get my skis tuned!  – Amanda

I’m grateful for the opportunity to demonstrate how commerce & justice go hand in hand. Timberland is proof that a company can be both profitable and socially and environmentally responsible. It’s not every day that a business realizes, and positively leverages, its resources to create change that can benefit people, profits, and the planet. I feel proud to work here every day.  – Beth

Sustainable Impact, Cajun Style

Timberland’s service sabbatical recipients Alan Jones and Heather Jackson shared the following from their week-long environmental restoration project in Louisiana.  Our thanks to Alan and Heather for taking time out from their daily lives and duties to be a part of this powerful team and its inspiring results!

In Good Company 2011, courtesy of Anne Hamersky

Wow. We did it! Nearly 5 acres of dissolving beach transformed into a landscape of Gulf Saver Bags sprouting mangroves and spartina grass!

That’s five acres of restored wetlands that have the chance to spread and expand, reducing coastal erosion, mitigating hurricane storm surges, creating wildlife habitat, stabilizing shipping routes, and enhancing the economic and cultural life of Deep Delta Louisiana. Collectively, we have impacted the Gulf Coast in a powerfully positive way.

THANK YOU for your immense effort and thanks to all your respective companies for sponsoring you on this community service experience.   May you all find inspiration in the incredible week we shared and continue to generate ripples of positive change in your communities.

- Anne Hamersky and the In Good Company planning team

SHAPE’s Ali Sunshine Shares Her Mount Holly Love

Whether you’re gearing up to brave the elements or just the Black Friday shopping crowds, you’ll want the right footwear for the job.

SHAPE magazine’s resident trendSHAPEr Ali Sunshine visited our Herald Square (New York) store recently to check out the Earthkeepers Mount Holly boot.  Hear for yourself from Ali and our women’s category director Vanessa about what makes the Mount Holly beautiful and rugged, as well as eco-conscious:

You can shop for the Mount Holly boot and other great Earthkeeper products on our website.

And the Winner is …

The results from our Girlfriend Getaway Sweepstakes are in!  Congratulations to Charisse, who will be packing her bags and heading to the 2012 Sundance Film Festival with 3 friends, courtesy of Timberland.

Charisse’s winning photo — in which she and a girlfriend are showing off their best “mountain style,” was selected based on its creativity and originality, and for the strength of the message she included with her photo entry.  See for yourself:

Aimee and I have traveled the world as volunteers and backpackers. We’re proud to support a company that is committed to protecting the environment and world while maintaining quality products. Timberland’s products cultivate a passion for the outdoors and give us the comfort to create our adventures in style. Please choose us to attend the Sundance Film Festival for our next adventure!

If you aren’t one of Charisse’s getaway girlfriends, don’t worry … we’ll be sharing the Sundance experience via updates, photos and videos here on the blog.  Stay tuned.

Timberland Travel Style: The Back Bay Series

If you’re one of the millions of people planning to travel this holiday season, here are a few packing tips to making your trip more fun and less frantic:

If you’re flying: Stash your bag in the overhead bin wheels-first, not side-first (easier to get in and out).  Put address tags on both the inside and the outside of your luggage, as tags on the outside can get torn off during baggage handling.

If you’re driving: Bring a “recycle bag” for the car, and fill it as you go.  There’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination and having to clean out the wrappers, bottles and napkins that have accumulated during the trip.  Also be sure you have an actual, honest-to-goodness paper map in your glove compartment; navigation systems aren’t perfect!

And whether your holiday travel includes planes, trains or automobiles, be sure you’ve got the best bag for your belongings.  Our Earthkeepers Back Bay Series is earth-conscious (made with 100% recycled nylon), water-resistant, functional, durable and travel-friendly:

The Back Bay laptop backpack and laptop briefcase feature padded shoulder straps and plenty of compartments … making the bags comfortable to carry, and keeping you organized.

Don’t underestimate the importance of spinner wheels … that’s a favorite feature of Back Bay suitcase owners!  The small and medium upright spin suitcases keep you and your luggage rolling in the right direction, no matter what.

You can shop the Earthkeepers Back Bay collection (along with other great bags) on our website.  Travel safe!

Behind the Scenes: Creating Timberland’s New Retail Experience

A few months back, we introduced you to the Timberland store in Westfield Stratford City in London – the first Timberland store to feature a new design intended to attract consumers to our products and our brand in a more inviting, engaging and emotional way.

It wasn’t a concept we dreamed up overnight or launched on a whim- but rather the result of a lot of thoughtful and deliberate effort on the part of our own Timberland team and our design partners.  Now, we invite you to go behind the scenes with us to see how our new “retail experience” was created and brought to life:

Old Man Winter? He’s About to Meet His Match

If you looked up the phrase “Stay Warm” in the dictionary (one of those special dictionaries that includes phrases — and photos), we’re pretty sure you’d find a picture of this jacket.  Legend has it your body temperature will increase a few degrees just from looking at it.

Meet Timberland’s Galehead Rugged Down Parka — the next best thing to a mid-winter trip to the tropics.  The Galehead features 800-fill premium goose down, stitched into a two-layer waterproof nailhead canvas outer that’s crafted from 60% organic cotton and 40% recycled polyester.  And because even tough guys have a soft side, the Galehead also comes with a fluffy, warm faux fur hood.

Fun fact:  Down is nature’s best insulator — but it also tends to “leak” out of fabric over time.  The solution is downproof apparel, designed to keep those feathers in place and keep you warm.  You can learn more about downproof – and windproof, and other ways we work to make our products warm and comfortable – by checking out Timberland’s Technology Guide.

And if you don’t like blue, aren’t a fan of the faux fur?  Not to worry – we’ve got a technical version of the Galehead that’s a bit spicier and sportier – and just as toasty.