Beth Holzman

Inside Timberland: I am the CSR strategy & reporting manager; I manage Timberland’s comprehensive CSR strategy by building plans to integrate social and environmental initiatives into our business, engaging external stakeholders on issues like climate change and human rights, and managing reporting and disclosure of non-financial impacts.

Outside Timberland: I love to do anything in the outdoors - cycling in the summer and skiing in the winter are my favorites!

My favorite thing to do in the outdoors: New England is home - I love to play outside in Vermont in particular. But I also love to travel - hiking in Patagonia was one of my best vacations ever!

My favorite Timberland product: I love SmartWool anything! Base layers, socks, hats, gloves... you name it. My favorite is the cycling gear. Who knew that wool could be so functional? The wicking capabilities are unparalleled.

Beth Holzman is employed by Timberland.

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Timberland’s Quarterly CSR Reporting

Timberland recently announced its Q2 2012 CSR performance. You’ll find highlights from our second quarter’s performance below, organized by our four CSR Pillars: climate, product, factories, and service.  For complete Q2 2012 performance data and analysis, please visit the Goals & Progress section of our Responsibility website. CLIMATE: Greenhouse Gas emissions for Timberland owned and [...]

Dutch Treat: Timberland Opens New Distribution Center in Holland

Timberland relies on its European distribution center in Enschede, Holland to supply footwear, apparel, and accessories to all of its customers throughout Europe. When the lease on the facility was coming to an end, Timberland weighed the pro and cons of renewing it or moving to another location—carefully considering the environmental impact of each. We [...]

Timberland’s Quarterly CSR Reporting

Earlier this week, Timberland announced its CSR performance results for the first quarter of 2012. Highlights from each of our four CSR pillars (climate, product, factories, and service) are below.  Specific Q1 2012 performance data and analysis can be found on the Goals & Progress section of Timberland’s Responsibility website. CLIMATE: Our Greenhouse Gas emissions [...]

Timberland Honored for Reinventing the CSR Report

On June 25, 2012, Timberland was proud to be one of the companies honored at Ethical Corporation’s Responsible Business Awards, receiving the award for Best Sustainability Report for the way in which we’ve been able to “reinvent the CSR report” with our online Responsibility portal.  Ethical Corporation’s annual awards honor leading companies and individuals for [...]

CSR Stakeholder Call Summary: June 11th Scaling Sustainable Change Dialogue

Earlier this week, Timberland hosted a CSR Stakeholder Call about how to scale local community engagement efforts. Timberland’s VP of CSR Mark Newton was joined by Chuck Bennett, VP of Earth & Community Care at Aveda for a stimulating discussion about employee engagement, extending volunteerism up and down the supply chain, and how to scale [...]

Tune In: Timberland and Aveda Talk about Scaling Sustainable Change

Since 2008, Timberland has hosted regular calls with a diverse set of stakeholders to support our long-term corporate CSR strategy. This level of transparency and accountability helps Timberland elevate dialogue on material issues for our industry, while also giving us critical feedback to become a more sustainable organization. Our next call: Scaling Sustainable Change Monday, June 11 from [...]

Big Steps to Renewable Energy in Europe

As an outdoor brand, Timberland knows that climate change is a real threat. We aim to be part of the solution by reducing our energy demand, investing in renewable energy and working with our partners to do the same. Where possible, we’re driving down energy demand across all our facilities. In Europe, we have the [...]

Timberland Releases 2011 CSR Performance

Last week, Timberland announced progress against our annual corporate social responsibility goals.  Detailed information about our 2011 results can be found on our Responsibility site; highlights of our progress in 2011 include the following: Product: Innovate Cradle-to-Cradle Design Timberland experienced continued growth of Earthkeepers® – our most eco-conscious line, now comprising one-third of total sales.  [...]

Apparel Competitors Unite

These days, there are countless apparel manufacturers and labels out there that make their own unique eco-conscious claims. Problem is, nobody’s really on the same page on what truly constitutes an environmentally-friendly product. So what’s a consumer to believe? How can they make informed purchasing decisions when every company uses a different scorecard? The answer [...]

Timberland’s Quarterly CSR Performance

In December, Timberland announced its CSR performance results for Q3 of 2011.  Highlights from this quarter’s performance are as follows, organized by Timberland’s four CSR pillars of climate, product, factories, and service: Climate: Greenhouse Gas emissions increased by 13% compared to Q3 2010. This change is primarily due to increases in air travel as our [...]