Colleen Von Haden

Inside Timberland: I am the senior manager of code of conduct.

Outside Timberland: I am a mom, an avid Packers fan, and I love hiking, biking and kayaking.

My favorite thing to do in the outdoors: Having fun at the beach / in the water in North Shore Boston.

My favorite Timberland product: I love my Timberland lace up winter boots that I got 5 years ago, warm, furry/fuzzy inside, waterproof, iconic yellow boot leather - they have passed the test of many New England winters and still look and feel awesome.

Colleen Von Haden is employed by Timberland.

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Transforming Wasteland to Wonderful Garden in China

Our supplier sustainability team shared the following update from Zhu Hai Lian Feng, a knitwear factory located in Zhuhai, Guangdong, China. Zhu Hai Lian Feng has been a Timberland partner since 2008. Two years ago, factory management decided to create an eco-garden in the barren land surrounding the factory.  After 6 months of hard work, [...]

Making a Difference in Brazil: Alpargatas Institute

Alpargatas S.A. is one of the largest shoe manufacturing companies in Latin America, and has been Timberland’s distributor in Brazil since 1998. The company has 13 factories in Brazil and Argentina, and employs more than 17,000 employees worldwide. In 2003, Alpargatas founded the Alpargatas Institute with the mission of contributing to the improvement and quality [...]

Clean Drinking Water in Vietnam

According to reports from the World Health Organization and UNICEF, every year 3.6 million people die of water-related diseases.  Access to clean drinking water is one of the basic needs we work to ensure all workers in our supply chain have. During an assessment of factories in and around Hanoi, Vietnam, our Supplier Sustainability Team [...]

Evaluating our Code of Conduct Program

Timberland prides itself on a long-standing Code of Conduct program. Over the years, we’ve shifted our work in factories to expand beyond basic compliance, trained our assessment team to incorporate workers’ voices, and helped factory management build better management systems.  We include environmental and social/labor conditions in our assessments, and go beyond factory walls to [...]

New Bags Bring Smiles for Students in China

Last October, employees at Stella Group, a longtime Timberland factory partner, organized a schoolbag donation at the Long Xiang primary school in Qingyuan City, Guangdong province, China.  The school, which is located in a remote, mountainous area, serves more than 250 students between preschool and grade 6.  There are just ten teachers. For the school [...]

Timberland Grows Goodness in Thailand

Last year, members of our Timberland team in Thailand worked together with students and staff at the Woradithwithayaprasooth orphanage school to create a vegetable garden.  The school, established by a Buddhist monk in 1952, provides education to approximately 500 children. On their service day, Timberland volunteers turned 1,000 square meters of land into a vegetable [...]

Serv-a-palooza India

On October 4th, Team Timberland in India celebrated our annual global service initiative Serv-a-palooza by creating a clean, healthy outdoor play space for the PIA Child Care Centre in Bangalore.  The PIA Centre is located within the Peenya Industrial Area – one of the largest in Asia and home to more than 3500 companies and [...]

Tree Planting in Bangladesh

Timberland’s Code of Conduct team works to ensure fair and safe working conditions inside the factories where our products are made, as well as positive living conditions beyond factory walls.  In the course of their important work, they often uncover inspirational stories – like this one, which comes from a Timberland supplier in Bangladesh: In [...]

Victory Garden Sprouts in Vietnam

Timberland’s code of conduct coordinator in Vietnam had this success story to share from General Shoes Co. Ltd., one of our factory partners there: In front of me is a garden full of green vegetables and laden with fresh squashes. This is the vegetable garden at the General Shoes factory. Looking at the vegetable garden [...]

Celebrating National Tree Planting Day in China

March 12 is National Tree Planting Day in China.  To celebrate, Simona Tanning (one of Timberland’s tannery suppliers) organized a group of approximately 30 employees to plant trees on that day.  The purpose was to encourage people to protect trees and our earth, and to attract more and more Simona employees to the idea of [...]