Frank Hwang

Inside Timberland: I'm the Global Brand Manager for Men's Footwear. It sounds fancy, but I really just think about shoes and boots a lot.

Outside Timberland: I’m a surfer, snowboarder, road and mountain biker. Dad to two kids under 3 and two dogs. Basically never sitting still.

My favorite thing to do in the outdoors: Explore with the family on Orr's Island, ride hilly gravel roads in Vermont, enjoy powder at Jackson Hole or glassy conditions at the Wall. A little bit of everything.

My favorite Timberland product: Earthkeepers City 6-Inch Plain Toe Side Zip Boot. It's business in the front and party in the rear. Feel good about your footwear. The side zip also makes it ultra convenient when you're rushing to that morning meeting after surfing a chilly dawn patrol.

Frank Hwang is employed by Timberland.

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