Margaret Morey-Reuner

Inside Timberland: I'm the senior manager for values marketing at Timberland (which is not to imply that only a part of Timberland's marketing has values). As such, I serve as chief collaborator with my colleagues on the global marketing and corporate social responsibility teams to create consumer-facing stories and programs in support of Timberland's values-based initiatives.

Outside Timberland: Depending on the season, the weather and where I am at any given time when I'm not at work, I ride the snow on telemark skis, ride the roads on my bicycle, ride the ocean in my self-built wooden kayak and trek the not so beaten paths of the outdoors on my own two feet.

My favorite thing to do in the outdoors: It's the many places around the world that I've not only had the opportunity to explore but -while there, had the clearness of mind to stop, look around and take in the beauty and moment for what it was and what it is - a miracle of nature and a privilege of experience.

My favorite Timberland product: Two brands I never leave behind when I trek around the outdoors are Timberland and SmartWool. I love my new Timberland Translite Low w/ Gore-Tex® membrane and my faithful SmartWool NTS base layers and hiking socks.

Margaret Morey-Reuner is employed by Timberland.

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