No Naff: Max Pearmain on Timberland

We’ve invited some of the most influential stylists, menswear designers and editors to share their thoughts about our brand here on the Bootmakers Blog.  Below, editor / stylist Max Pearmain tells us why he’s a fan.

I’m a big fan of Timberland because the brand has a core product that has a genuine street-led respect and foundation. The original designs are inspiring and actually quite aspirational in an alternative un-orthadox sense; i.e. they have a luxury streetwear element to them without feeling naff or too elitist.

Max Pearmain is the Menswear Editor of POP and is the Editor and Creative Director of Arena Homme +. He has worked with London designers including Martine Rose and Christopher Raeburn, and is a well-respected menswear stylist in his own right.

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