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Chainsaw Resistant. Who Knew?

A good reminder for all of us from Cathy in Connecticut … footwear is replaceable, feet are not.

Timberland boots saved my husband’s toes! He slipped with a chainsaw while cutting up a tree after Hurricane Sandy. Thanks god he had on his new Timberland boots or his toes would have been … well, you know. He’ll need a new pair of boots, but better than a new set of toes!

- Cathy B.

‘Tis the season for crummy winter weather … as you fire up those snowblowers, chainsaws and generators, be safe (and make sure you’re wearing the right boots for the job!).

What Happens When 400 lbs of Steel Meet PRO Boots?

The short answer is nothing good … the longer answer (complete with visual) you’ll find below in an email we received from Michael, a Timberland customer who most definitely does NOT have a desk job.

Hearing from Michael made our day – and do you know why?  Because there’s nothing better than hearing from people who have nice things to say about their Timberland products.  Check out the Timberlove:

A few weeks ago while working, a large 400 lb block of steel fell on my foot from about waist level. The way it landed, the tip of the steel toe took most the weight but part of the “foot print” of the landing caused it to hit above where the steel toe ended, resulting in a broken big toe. The boot held up, other than a gash in the leather. That aside, I know for sure if I was wearing any of my other brand boots … it could have been worse. I just have to say, as I walk on my foot that I still have, I’m definitely a lifetime Timberland customer.

Michael's Timberland PRO boot. Does anyone else's toe hurt just looking at this?

We also received the following from Hall — longtime Timberlover, first time commenter:

Over the past 15+ years I have purchased numerous Timberland garment items (jackets, shirts, shorts, socks, shoes, etc.), and I don’t recall that I have ever worn out any of these items to the extent that they are not still suitable for wear.  This is an unsolicited compliment concerning the uncommon quality of all your products and, therefore, I am never reluctant to buy any garment that bears the name of your company.

I felt compelled to stop what I was doing and give you encouragement to continue providing the inimitable quality of products that I have experienced during the last 15 years and I thank you so much!!!

Believe it or not, we also like to hear it when our products don’t work the way they’re supposed to – knowing when there’s a problem helps us to create a solution.  Got kisses or disses for us?  Fire away.

Happiness is a Pair of Indestructible Boots

When an email from a Timberland consumer starts with, “”This is what happens when you sell a product with the Timberland name on it,” it doesn’t always end with hearts and happy faces.  Which made the following feedback from Scott in Pennsylvania such a pleasant surprise:

Since I have owned these boots, I have had to buy two sets of laces and an insert for the interior.  Why?  Because I just can’t ruin these boots.  The laces wear out from getting tied 365 days a year. These boots have to be around 8 years old, I use them for work – motorcycle riding – hiking – hunting and even church. I just can’t destroy them no matter how bad I abuse them. I noticed the stitching starting to come apart on my right boot and just started to laugh, they still won’t fall apart.

I just wanted to let you know that you make an amazing product and I plan on purchasing a new pair.  Thank you for making a great product.

Scott's boot - well worn, well loved

Eco-Conscious and Tour Bus Resistant

In honor of Halloween, we wanted to share the treats that showed up in our customer mailbox recently.  You guys say the sweetest things!

Wanda writes:

On October 14, 2005 my two year old son’s right foot was run over by a tour-sized bus. Because of your Timberland boots he suffered no broken bones, only stitches under all five toes. I still have the pair of Timberlands he was wearing that day. You can still see the bend in the shoe when it was taking on the weight of the bus. Thank you for saving my son’s foot.

And this, from “Yat”:

I’ve just bought the earthkeeping clogs and I’m not even a clog person! The fact that they were made with the environment in mind makes them just that much more special. They are cute, comfortable, light and the quality is very good especially compare to the throwaway fashion that we are now sadly used to. I could tell that a lot of time and attention has been spent on developing the design of your shoes.

We love to hear from people who buy our products about how well they perform (but please – don’t throw your foot under a bus to find out).  And yes, we also like to know when our stuff misses the mark.  Have a Timberland story?  Send it in and maybe we’ll feature it in an upcoming blog post!

Bison Don’t Like Bikers

… At least according to this love letter we received from Dave:

I’ve been wearing Timberland boots since I left on my round the world bicycle journey in September 2009, through all sorts of weather conditions – sun, wind, rain, snow – on concrete, mud, sand and gravel.

I’ve taken them to all 4 corners of Canada and each side of the United States and wore them non-stop when having to pedal away from large packs of Bison running after me while riding. I rely on these shoes to get me around as they are well made, the soles are thick and rigid, and importantly the laces and other hardware surrounding the lacing area puts up with considerable amount of abuse. It’s a must to have a waterproof membrane for what I do, and equally important that it can breathe on hot days as I will wear my Timberlands in 104 or -20F.

I’m choosing to wear Timberland boots all the way around the world, I know they work, fit great and can stand up to daily abuse.

Dave’s boots (rest assured we’ve sent him a new pair, just in case these do eventually bite the dust):

If the packs of bison or crazy extreme temperatures caught your attention, you can click through to Dave’s website to read more about his travels and experiences.  And if you’ve had your own Timberland-equipped journey, please share!  (It’s okay if your journey was around the block and not around the world … every story counts.)

Mow At Your Own Risk (and Preferably in Steel-Toe Boots)

From our email inbox, yet another scary lawn-mowing story — this one courtesy of Dennis in Ontario, Canada:

I have been the owner of a pair of Timberland Pros for about three years. I found the boots to be very comfortable and durable. I am in the construction trade and wear the boots daily.

On May 26, I returned home from work and proceeded to cut the grass. As I was working in a garden area of my yard I was backing up and tripped over a rock in the garden, pulling the lawnmower up and onto my foot. The quality of your product saved me from what would have been serious if not catastrophic injury. The steel toe stopped the blade from striking my foot and I only received bruising from the impact.

I have since replaced the shredded boots with a new pair of Timberlands, and am writing this as a testament to the quality of your product.

Thanks again.

Aren’t Feathers in Fashion Right Now?

From our email inbox, two flavors of customer feedback today … one complimentary, one not so complimentary.  I’ll leave it to you to figure out which is which.

The first comes from Ciro, a discerning shopper with (thankfully) a sense of humor:

… Ordered this jacket because it looked great and seemed like a steal for the discounted price. Little did I know that as soon as you try it on you’re going to look like poultry. I’ve had other down jackets where feathers occasionally pop out, but this one is ridiculous. The “shell” material is so thin and poorly made that you will be plucking feathers off of yourself for hours to come. So unless you’ve got a Halloween party coming up where your date is Colonel Sanders, I would advise strongly against purchasing this jacket. I would expect much better from Timberland.

So would we, which is why we’ve shared the “poultry” feedback with our apparel folks.  Feathers may be all the rage in hair extensions and jewelry, but we do believe they belong on the inside of a jacket.

Austin in Iowa had this to share:

I bought a pair of your boots 4 years ago. Very glad I did. Perfect for around the yard landscaping as well as fall hunting for the birds. Not too heavy, perfect for on the go. Gortex keeps my feet dry and my wife hates it when I come inside wearing them. I can’t blame her. But, I know in any prediction, wearing these boots, I’m ready for anything: weed-eating, mowing, climbing, running, putting the boat in, chasing foxes through the pasture. Love these boots. Please keep making them. This is my 4th pair.

I’m with Austin’s wife on this one — if he’s chasing foxes, hunting birds and running through pastures in his Mount Chocoruas, the boots probably deserve to stay outside at the end of the day. But we’re grateful for his love and enthusiasm, dirty boots or not.

Got a Timberland story to tell? Click here and share.

Even Boots Love a Great View

This love letter showed up in our email inbox just in time … nothing like photo therapy to get you through a chilly, rainy New England day:


On a recent tramp out to Cape Kidnappers in Hawkes Bay New Zealand I snapped these shots of my boots enjoying the view, I love my Timberlands, they have been all over the world with me in the last 3 years and are still water proof and have plenty of tread, they have been inspected by plenty of airport customs officers and have always passed, as they are very easy to keep clean, even after a day like this day of 15 miles of beach and paddock and Gannet colonies.

Happy Timberland customer reporting in.


Have your Timberlands seen any incredible (good or bad) views?  Share them with us.

The Ultimate Roadtrip

We receive a lot of emails and letters from our customers, either thanking us or berating us for the quality and performance of our products.  Several weeks back, we received this one:

Hi there,

Just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for the good quality of the shoes you are selling. I am almost finished with my 15-month around the world trip, have been camping almost every day, from the mountain tops in Peru to the Ethiopian desert, through Africa, the Americas, Asia and the middle east, and the shoes are still holding up great.


“Around the world” was a little different … as was the web address included at the bottom of the email – so we checked it out and discovered Nicholas Rapp, a former Associated Press art director who just traveled around the world in a 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser (and, apparently, Timberland shoes).

His website is worth a read, as is this very recent article he wrote, summarizing his journey.  A few notable callouts:

“Having driven 37,000 miles on four continents, I can also say that in my experience, the worst drivers’ trophy should be awarded to Bangladesh, where rules of the road are nonexistent and cars bump each other like it’s a carnival game.”

“I was also struck by how high-tech Seoul is … what a contrast with other places I had been through. It occurred to me that while half the planet’s population lives in a virtual reality, the other half can’t get enough to eat.”

And at the end of his journey:

“Finally I got through customs in Los Angeles, flashed my colorful passport to the officers and expected to see friends who’d promised to meet me — but no one was there.  After asking someone what day it was, I realized my mistake. It was Saturday. I’d told them I was arriving Sunday. I’d forgotten I would cross the international dateline somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and go back in time a day.”

Our thanks to Nick for taking Timberland with him on his adventure … and our best wishes as he starts the next one (job hunting!).

Cost Confusion

From our email archives, another frequently asked question about the cost of our products:

Dear Timberland,

How come your prices in (name a region of the world) are more expensive than they are in (name another region of the world)?  Why can’t I buy the same Timberland product for the same price anywhere?

Price Conscious Customer

Fair question.  Here’s what we learned:

As a company that operates around the world, we have to respond to a wide range of external and internal factors that do create complexities in pricing our products.  In some countries, items such as VAT, transport costs and duty have to be factored in to our retail prices – all of which can contribute to a higher price in one location and a lower price in another.  Exchange rates also contribute to price variations from country to country.  Market demand is also a key factor in determining cost.  In addition, retailers are completely free to set their own prices to the consumer.

Taking all of these factors into account, it’s not uncommon to find that companies (like Timberland) offer products for different prices in different countries.

So a pair of Earthkeeper boots in New York might be more or less expensive than the same pair of boots in, say, Paris … which got us wondering:  What’s the biggest price difference you’ve seen on any given product from one region to another?