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Be Wise or Beware

Dear Timberland,

How do I know whether (insert any one of a dozen online retail sites here) is an authorized seller of Timberland products?

We get this question often enough … and still probably not as often as we should.  With the proliferation of online shopping sites out there touting incredible deals on the latest styles of all kinds of products, it’s hard to tell which are legitimate and which are not.  Here’s the bottom line on how to ensure you’re getting the real deal, courtesy of Timberland’s legal team:

The best way for consumers to make sure they’re buying legitimate Timberland products is to shop on or contact us for a list of our authorized retailers in their area (that information is also available on our website).  Truth is, there are probably more illegitimate sites on the internet than there are legitimate … better to be safe than sorry.

Here’s to safe shopping!

Now That’s a Big Foot

Our latest customer correspondence comes from Dave in California … affectionately known around here as “15D Dave.”  Remains to be seen whether we have a new pair of his beloved boat shoes in the right size, but you can bet we’re looking into it!

I got these over 25 years ago at a factory outlet in Maine. Thought I’d share that they are still my favorite shoes, though relegated now to the house and patio, I wouldn’t garden without them. Here in Santa Barbara, they see more use than flip flops. Though I have to say I have thought about a new pair. With some down time after Christmas, thought I would document them for my wall. Then my graphic artist side took over and I decided to send you this memento.  Cheers!


Bring Back the Patchwork Boots!

More boot love (and a request for our product team) from our customer email box:

Hi Timberland,

About 5 years ago I fell in love with a pair of your patchwork boots and received them for Christmas.  I absolutely LOVE my boots and EVERYWHERE I go… for the past 5 years I get stopped at least 5-7 times in stores from total strangers asking me where did I get my boots!!!  We got them in Atlanta!!  But you all do not sell these anymore and I think that is a big mistake.  I could probably put them on EBAY and get a high price.  I am serious.  Please bring these boots back to the market for consumers and your company.  They are loved.

Thank you and a Very Merry Christmas,

Crystal in North Carolina

Happy Anniversary to Sara and Her Boots

Anyone who has ever felt emotional about a pair of shoes (it’s not just me … right?) will appreciate the latest customer note from our inbox:

This Christmas, I will be celebrating my third anniversary with my favorite boots… a pair of knee-high Timberlands. They are the best pair of boots I have ever had. I get compliments on them all the time, even in their old age, and I have repaired the zipper just one time. Their durability, unique but simple style, and reliability are the qualities with which I am having this love affair.  :)

This is just a note to say, thank you. Though I will be ever so sad when they are finally put to rest, I am thinking next year, I look forward to buying a new pair just like ‘em from you folks. Although I am of modest means, I will return to Timberland whenever possible for my boot needs.

Thank you!
Sara in Oregon

Wasn’t There a Stephen King Novel About This?

This is precisely why I pretend not to know how to use our lawnmower — for safety’s sake.  From our customer email archives:

I wanted to contact Timberland regarding an accident I had last week.  I was mowing my lawn and tripped while pulling the mower backwards. I fell on my backside and in the process pulled the running mower onto my right foot.  Fortunately for me, I was wearing my Timberland Pro steel toe slip-ons.  The blade shaved a bit of the sole, then the seam between the sole and the steel toe, then struck the steel toe itself.

The bone in my big toe is crushed and my foot is badly bruised, but I feel very fortunate since I could have lost part or most of my foot.

Thanks for your product!

Kevin from Minnesota

Ride On, Bryan (but get some new boots first)

We get a lot of feedback from our customers … some good, plenty bad, every once in a while, ugly.  In the spirit of sharing All Things Timberland here on our new Bootmakers Blog, we’ll be sharing these customer stories from time to time.  (Yes, even the bad and ugly ones as long as they’re obscenity-free.)  Enjoy – and feel free to submit your own Timberland product stories and comments.  We just might use them!

This one came from Bryan “lucky foot” in Virginia:

I was involved in a motorcycle accident while wearing my Timberland hiking boots. I had an older gentleman pull out in front of me. The bike was totaled during the accident. The main injury that I had was to my right foot. The running board on the bike was bent upwards, folded in half and then ripped off the motorcycle.

After being rushed to the hospital, my foot was found to have been smashed and a hole was blown in the back of the heel the size of a quarter from the pressure exerted from the foot being crushed. The doctors and lawyer attribute my not having any broken bones in the foot to the boots I was wearing. When the lawyer took a look at the bike, he stated that I am lucky to just have a foot and that he had seen (similar accidents) where individuals’ feet were just severed off. I give the boot all of the credit and a little luck and even if the boots did not survive the accident, my foot did.

Thanks for producing such a quality product. Ride on.