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Timberland Goes Antiquing

Call it a commitment to sustainability — or maybe just Yankee frugality — but at Timberland, we try to repurpose old materials whenever we can, rather than buying or creating new ones. One of the best ways we can do this is to incorporate repurposed and reclaimed materials in the design of our retail stores.

While giving new life to old things is environmentally rewarding (less waste going into a landfill), it’s also a lot of fun!  See for yourself what it was like when we went trolling for treasures at the legendary Brimfield Antique Show:

Put your own repurposing skills to work by visiting an antiques show like Brimfield (which opens today) to see what precious pieces await you.  To learn more about the materials and methods we use to design our stores in more sustainable ways, visit the sustainable store design section of our website.

It’s All In the Details: Take the Sustainable Store Tour!

Did you know that in our store in Milan, Italy you’ll find a 1930s wooden wardrobe from Oxford University? Or that our store on Newbury Street in Boston was built in an old school house? There’s more than meets the eye when you walk into a Timberland store — and now you can get the inside scoop from the comfort of your couch, your desk, your Wi-Fi enabled train ride to work… you get the idea.

Announcing the launch of the new Sustainable Store Design section of our website! It’s packed with information about what goes into building a Timberland store – from materials, to building standards, to more fun facts from our new stores around the world. You can even explore a virtual Timberland store:

So go on – take the Sustainable Store tour and let us know what you think. Who knows? Maybe you’ll walk away with inspiration for some eco-conscious home improvement for that bathroom/kitchen/living room you’ve been dying to renovate!

Supporting Environmental Organizations on a Local Level: Cast Your Vote!

Partnering with local environmental organizations is second nature to a brand committed to protecting the outdoors. Whether we’re opening a store near to our New England roots on Newbury Street in Boston or on rue du Faubourg Saint Martin in Paris, France, Timberland knows the importance of giving back to the communities in which we work and live.

Ramsey and I headed to San Francisco for the opening weekend of the new Timberland store. There we witnessed firsthand one way Timberland is supporting organizations committed to bettering the Golden Gate City – by giving away a $2,500 grant to one of four local environmental organizations! In our latest vlog, learn more about this Timberland grant and how to vote for your favorite:

While we were there, we met up with folks from Friends of the Urban Forest, Nature in the City, Surfrider Foundation and Livable City. Want to know what they’ll do with the grant money if they’re chosen as the winner? Well, we’ll let them do the honors:

From the San Francisco area? Be sure to stop by the Timberland store on 845 Market Street before May 31st to cast your vote!

Newbury Street Store Grant and Service Event Winner!

To celebrate the opening of our new store at 201 Newbury Street in Boston, we invited non–profit environmentally-focused organizations serving Boston through preservation, conservation, or the expansion of green spaces to apply for the opportunity to win a $2,500 grant and a summertime service event with 50-100 Timberland volunteers.  The response was tremendous and the visions for “greening” Boston were inspiring in scope and diversity. Our committee members were challenged to select just one grantee and asked that we shared their respect and regard for each applicant’s leadership and commitment to community.

After much deliberation, we’re thrilled to announce that we selected Friends of Nira Rock for partnership this summer. We were struck by this beautiful hidden gem of a park in Jamaica Plain.  As the application said:  “No other space provides its amazing array of experience (apple picking, outdoor yoga, rock climbing, etc,) on such an accessible, compact footprint.”  Join us in discovering this green oasis in the city.  We’ll be sure to keep you posted as our plans for our summer time service event evolve.

We were so inspired by what we read that we decided to award smaller grants to the following organizations:

Finally, we entered all applicants into a drawing and selected two winners of a $250 Home Depot gift card each — Boston Centers for Youth and Families and Boston Harbor Island Alliance.  We also offered to pass along all the applications to another company that we know is looking to engage in the Boston community — there’s nothing like sharing the joy!

Thank you to all who applied and congratulations to all of our winners!

Step Inside Timberland’s New Boston Store

Last week, we asked Amanda from Timberland’s global brand marketing team, and our friend and noted video blogger Ramsey from our Kansas City-based partner, Digital Evolution Group, to meet up on St. Patrick’s Day on Boston’s famed Newbury Street and check out the new Timberland store.  The 2,500 square foot space, located at 201 Newbury Street (for all of you foursquare addicts), features Timberland-branded footwear, apparel and accessories for men, women and children.

What I thought was going to be an hour-long store visit turned out to be a four-hour excursion that included shopping and lessons in sustainable building design and Boston history. The result though, is priceless. There are so many cool and interesting things in that store, starting with the Spring 2011 product collections – including colorful boat shoes for men and women; and the new Falmouth Cycling Jacket featuring waterproof S Café™ fabric, which is made from 98.5% recycled PET (plastic bottles) and 1.5% recycled coffee grounds. Would you like cream and sugar with that?

Our dynamic duo also unearthed a myriad of features that support our commitment to sustainability, as well as subtle nods to our appreciation for the City of Boston and the history of the building in which the store is situated, which used to be a school house.

This is the first of four videos Amanda and Ramsey created. Join them on their initial peek into the new store by clicking play and be on the lookout in the coming days for their other videos that highlight the latest in-store happenings and cool eco-conscious features.