Bikeless in Boston? Enter to Win!

The newest Timberland store is open for business at 201 Newbury Street in Boston, MA. In honor of the momentous occasion, we’re giving away a brand new bike from Boston’s own DBC City Bike Design.

We love these guys. They’re a locally-owned bike shop that specializes in custom, hand-crafted city bikes. Their designs are modern day, lightweight takes on the classic Dutch city bikes that deliver a smooth ride on the uneven, aged cobble stone streets of old European cities like Amsterdam.  As a matter of fact, the DBC part of their name stands for “Dutch Bike Company.”

DBC whipped up a Timberland orange Swift bike that we’re giving away via an in-store drawing (winner will have a choice of a men’s or women’s bike). Watch this video to learn more and check out the bike — and if you’re in the Boston area, head over to the store and fill out an entry form. The drawing ends on Monday, April 18, 2011. If you’re lucky, you’ll win the bike and have a sweet two-wheeled human powered ride built specifically for cruising around the city.  Good luck.

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