Thank Timberland for Snowshoes!

With the fresh foot (plus) of snow we’ve received in the Stratham, NH area over the past two days, I am pretty thankful Timberland has, once again, equipped me to handle the elements. Not with stylish boots or apparel, but with one of our coolest workplace perks!

To my astonishment I learned, just last week, that Timberland lends snowshoes, canoes, kayaks and other equipment out to employees – for FREE! All we have to do is sign them out for the time period needed and that’s it! So while I may spend hours roof raking and shoveling this weekend, at least it will be a little easier with my snowshoes. Just another reason why we are one of the best companies to work for in New Hampshire!

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    good one,i will visit your site again.

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