And On the Last Day, We Created:

A community.

Saturday, November 8

The last day together has come.  Eight days ago it seemed as though the week would last an eternity.  Today being our final day together, we sit and wish it could be longer.

Tonight I felt completed in our efforts from the week.  The families from Hollygrove cooked up a buffet of local cuisine and soul food. We sat in the NOFFN building, surrounded by smiling, proud and loving people from the neighborhood.  Alongside the sounds of laughter, local musicians playing trombones and singing, there we were.

It was so nice to come together for good food, good music and good people.  We spent a final evening with the familiar faces from the week and faces we had never seen but still had a familiar feel.

We ended the evening with the musician announcing that he would sing one final song … one he felt he might never feel honored and inspired enough to sing again, but after all that has happened of late, he felt proud enough to sing the words.  He began singing the Star Spangled Banner and the entire room got on its feet and began singing along.  There was such passion and love in that room.

This week brought me personal challenges and pushed me outside my comfort zone in many ways, but the final product from all that I saw and experienced FAR out weighed any possible downsides. 

This week we helped to create a community in New Orleans; most importantly we created a community within ourselves.  This “In Good Company” group will leave as partners in the business sense and friends in the personal sense.

I feel honored to have had this experience.  As I sign off from New Orleans, my wish to this resilient city is hope and strength to continue fighting the battle.  I hope you have enjoyed the ride with me and feel inspired to continue the ripple forward.

We thank Brianne Wood for sharing her experience in New Orleans with all of us here at Earthkeepers.  To learn more about the In Good Company initiative, please visit their blog.

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