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We’re happy to share the following recent interview with Timberland’s President & CEO Jeff Swartz — a frequent Earthkeeper guest blogger and the guy responsible for giving passion and permission to many of our efforts to create environmental and social impact.  The interview covers everything from Jeff’s thoughts on building the brand to banning bottled water, the power of partnerships and what keeps him up at night:

Our thanks to the team at Big Think for sharing with us.

  • Gael Williams

    Your current ad campaign (“If you’re not fast you’re food”) is offensive, disgusting and inaccurate – “Wolves don’t feel cold, pain or fear”??? You are such hypocrites, touting your environment sensitivity while subliminally and overtly promoting fear, hostility and aggression toward wildlife. I have asked the MBTA to remove your signs because of their offensiveness and inaccuracy. I will never buy another product from you – by the way, the pair of boots I have from you are incredibly uncomfortable.

  • Theresa Palermo

    Thank you Gael for the feedback, appreciate your taking the time to get in touch. I hear your point, but can assure you that was not the intent behind the advertising. Our intention was to to celebrate the speed and adrenaline of nature versus promoting any fear or hostility. That said, I appreciate your perspective and would welcome any additional thoughts you have as you see our new Earthkeeper advertising coming into market now. On the point about your boots being uncomfortable…if you are open to it, I would love to replace them for you. Let me know…

    Thanks again, and please feel free to reach back out.

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