Boston Globe! Thanks for the Shout.

Well this is nice! One of my favorite newspapers, "The Boston Globe," is apparently excited about the work Gabriel and I are doing. This morning, Globe staff touted our COP15 coverage in the popular "business minutes" section, saying . . .

Timberland Co. , the trendy New Hampshire cobbler, is dabbling in the
news business, featuring a series of reports on the United Nations
Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen at a special website,

Timberland prides itself on having a social conscience, and its
Copenhagen reports are tied into its current "Don’t Tell Us It Can’t
Be Done" campaign, which encourages citizens to challenge their
political leaders on emissions standards.

Timberland said its Copenhagen initiative is featuring reports by
Olivia Zaleski, "green correspondent" of "The Business of Green" on CNN
and Gabriel London, a documentary filmmaker and writer.

In a press release, Timberland said, "For the next two weeks, Olivia
and Gabriel will be sharing the view from Copenhagen through videos
and blog posts, interviews with key leaders attending the conference,
and coverage of key events."

To read the full "Globe and Mail" article, click here .

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