Celebrating the First Snow

Ryan and Kassidy Brown are a brother and sister team from Nashville, Tennessee and together, they are Journey of Action – a Timberland-sponsored project that is part media tour, part road trip, part inspirational expedition.

For Journey of Action, Ryan and Kassidy are driving from Alaska to Argentina – a 6-month trip that is taking them into 14 countries and over 15,000 miles.  Along the way, they’re highlighting the many amazing young people they meet – those working to make positive social and environmental impacts and change.

One of the most recent highlights from Ryan and Kassidy’s journey was a trip to Flagstaff, Arizona and the Navajo Nation, where they had the unique opportunity to “snow bathe” – a cleansing, purifying (and obviously COLD) ritual that celebrates the blessings of the first snow.

Have your own unique way of celebrating the season’s first snow?  Share with us … and stay tuned for more video updates from Ryan and Kassidy’s Journey of Action.

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