Climbing for a Cause

It’s been a little quiet at Timberland’s European headquarters this week, and with good reason. 10 of our colleagues there just completed the 3 Peaks Challenge: climbing (and traveling between) the tallest mountains in England, Scotland and Wales … in a 24 hour period.

The challenge included conquering Ben Nevis , Scafell Pike and Snowdon … equivalent to climbing about 10,000 feet — or just over half of Mount Kilimanjaro .

Cornices on Ben Nevis by richie@merseyventure.

The Ben

Did we mention the 24-hour time limit?

Despite a couple of injuries, the agony of a 5-hour drive through traffic in a crowded mini-van and sheer exhaustion, Team Timberland did it – beating the 24-hour time limit by a full hour and 15 minutes.  (No doubt their high-quality Timberland gear made them faster and stronger.)

Scafell & Scafell Pike from Wastwater by richie@merseyventure.

Scafell Pike

Nothing feels quite as good as meeting and beating a physical challenge (particularly in breathtaking surroundings such as these) … but contributing to a cause greater than your own accomplishment is a near second.   The Timberland team participated in this year’s 3 Peaks Challenge on behalf of TRAID – one of Timberland’s non-profit partners, and an organization near and dear to many of us.  TRAID (Textile Recycling for Aid and International Development) operates over 900 textile recycling banks across the UK where consumers can donate clothing (less in the landfill!), which is then sold back to the public through one of TRAID’s shops or repurposed in designer original “TRAIDremade ” pieces.  TRAID’s proceeds support their UK work and also fund overseas development projects .

Our 3 Peaks Challenge team has a lot to be proud of: scaling three mountains in one day and raising nearly 6,000 pounds for the important work TRAID is doing to reduce waste and support developing communities.  No wonder they’re so tired.

Thanks to our UK team for sharing their story of extreme Earthkeeping with us.  To learn more about TRAID, including how you can contribute to their effort, please visit their website.

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