This is interesting!

Yesterday, the word “COPENHAGEN” became the most searched term on Google, beating out–you betcha–”Tiger Woods” et al. Looks like the world IS, in fact, interested in the issues of climate change and–more specifically–the events going down, right here at the United Nations Climate Change Conference, or COP15.

According to our friends at Treehugger.com, “Copenhagen” beat out “Woods” then jostled between the first and second seed of the most searched terms in the world. Woods

Also in Google’s Top Ten yesterday, “EPA” and today I noticed “nasa climate change,” in Google’s Top Five. Versions of “summit copenhagen” “climate copenhagen,” “climate change copenhagen,” and “COP15.”

Treehugger’s Brian Merchant, who first noticed the trending terms, posted the below graph yesterday. It shows the activity of some of the top search terms . . . blue represents “copenhagen;” red is for “global warming;” orange = “climate change” and green is the term “climategate.” Take a closer look though . . . as Brian first noted, except in the case of “climategate,” queries have spiked sharply since Monday, when the conference commenced.

INTERESTING, what do you think that means . . .

But of course, the real news here is that people–all over the world–care about climate change. And Brian certainly says it best with his concluding statement, “if anything can surpass a scandal of Tiger Woods’ proportions, it’s over 180 nations working together to build a roadmap to re-stabilize our natural world.” Amen.

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