Covering Copenhagen

All eyes will be on the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen starting next week — and we’re pleased to offer real-time, daily coverage of the conference happenings here on Earthkeepers .  Introducing our Copenhagen reporting team:

Olivia Zaleski

OLIVIA ZALESKI is a journalist focused on environmentalism as it relates to business, corporate best practice and executive thinking. As the regular "green correspondent" for , Olivia can be found hosting CNN and Fortune Magazine’s Emmy-nominated series, "Business of Green ,” as well as hosting "Home Work ," the popular green do-it-yourself series for Money Magazine.  In addition, Olivia reports for Hearst Magazine’s "The Daily Green" and appears regularly as, ABC’s "Good Morning America Now " green expert. She has also contributed her commentary and advice to programs like Discovery Channel’s TreehuggerTV, PlumTV, the CW and nationally syndicated morning news program The Daily Buzz. Follow Olivia’s twitter account here or check in daily to the Earthkeepers blog for the latest from COP15.

Gabriel London

GABRIEL LONDON is a documentary filmmaker and writer.  As the founder of the documentary film production company, Found Object Films , Gabriel has produced and directed films that bring overlooked stories to a national audience, dealing with issues ranging from the death penalty to climate change. In the process, he has used his work to participate in advocacy campaigns, work for which he was awarded a Soros Criminal Justice Award . His films have been broadcast nationally on networks ranging from MTV to SpikeTV and as part of film festivals including IDFA, Urbanworld Film Festival, and Live Earth.

For the next two weeks, Olivia and Gabriel will be sharing the view from Copenhagen through videos and blog posts, interviews with key leaders attending the conference and coverage of key events.  (For Copenhagen coverage in 140 characters or less, you can also follow Olivia on Twitter .)

Saving the world in 14 days is a daunting challenge … and we’re hopeful that leaders gathering in Copenhagen are up for it.  If you haven’t already joined our campaign to encourage climate action at Copenhagen, do it now .

Then, come on back to Earthkeepers to follow along as Copenhagen unfolds.

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  • Ken Schneider

    Does Prof. Schneider see an expanded role for nuclear power in the future? What is currently the most promising renewable?

  • Olivia Zaleski

    Hi Ken–thank you so much for your question. Today I will be posting an extended Q&A transcript from my discussion with Dr. Schneider and will address this . . . btw couldn’t help but notice your last name. Are you related?

  • Mark Charmer

    Hi Olivia. Ask Shai if he’s considered buying Saab…

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