Earth Day in Italy

We just heard from our colleagues in Italy regarding their Earth Day activities and had to share their story:
A very early start the one of timberland earth day in april 22. the meeting point was timberland office at 7.45am where we collected all the instruments for work: pickaxe, shovel, sickle, baskets, shear, rakes, gloves and the unfailing yellow boots!! all wearing our timberland earth day t-shirt we left for casei gerola, an exploited area 40km from milan. Our commitment this time was to clear the area from rubbish, dry and infesting vegetation, prepare the soil for greening and plantation, fix dustbins, resting benches and picnic tables as to rend the area available and welcoming to people to enjoy. The day was cloudy, the soil was hard and roads muddy but we were so full of enthusiasm that nothing could stop us. We worked till 5pm when exhausted we left, but not without taking a picture of the whole team and resting on the benches we had just fixed…just to be sure to did a proper job ;-) Partner of the day: legambiente, the most widespread environmental organization in italy counting more than 110.000 members. A powerful partner able to add more value to our effort. Media were stimulated for the day: we had some newspapers’ dedicated articles, some quotations and a whole national TV troupe coming on the spot filming our work and interviewing us as a living proof of a better world, where brands that can make it better exist!

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