Earthkeeping in the Dominican Republic

The following post was shared with us by Juan Rodriguez, the senior HR manager at Timberland’s Recreational Footwear Company (our manufacturing facility located in the Dominican Republic).  Thank you, Juan, for a wonderful story — and pictures — of cross-collaborative service and sharing the best of what we do with Timberland partners and community neighbors alike.

During the first week of October, Timberland invited 23 key customers and franchise partners from Italy and Spain to the Dominican Republic for a special “Timberland experience” – including a visit to both our manufacturing facilities in Santiago, DR and a local tannery, and a day of community service.

Timberland partners get a hands-on lesson in bootmaking in our DR factory

The service day took place in Villa Gonzalez, a town close to the Timberland factory. The project consisted of painting and repairing a basketball court used by the Villa Gonzalez community. In addition to the European visitors, other community members also participated in the activity.

Repairing and repainting the community basketball court

The service day was hot and sunny … but at the end of the afternoon, all of the volunteers had the satisfaction of making a difference for the young people of the community — some of whom were present at the service event, working shoulder to shoulder with the European group and at the end of the day were excited and grateful for the work accomplished.

Earthkeeping volunteers leaving their footprint on the Villa Gonzalez community

  • Traxxas

    This is a great post. It is so amazing that you and your organization are truly making a difference around the world.

    Continue with all the great work and consider me a new reader of this great blog

  • Pedro Jimenez

    Thanks for your comment, Madayagmarie.  Wherever we do business, Timberland takes great
    strides to provide competitive pay and benefits as well as programs that
    improve workers’ lives.  In all countries where we operate, we pay at
    least the legally-mandated minimum wage — and in many places, we pay more than
    minimum wage.  We also sponsor competitive market studies for pay and
    benefits (as we recently did in the Dominican Republic) to ensure that our
    rates of pay are in line with competitors and peers.


    In addition to ensuring competitive pay, we engage
    in a variety of programs to help meet workers’ needs and provide them
    opportunities for a better quality of life.  In the Dominican Republic,
    these programs include a food and prescription drug cooperative, loans for
    workers to address personal emergencies and education assistance.
     As we do in all of our markets, we will continue to monitor the wage and
    benefit market in the Dominican Republic to ensure that employees there are
    compensated fairly.

    - Pedro A. Jimenez, Senior HR Manager of Timberland’s Dominican Republic and Haiti Facilities

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