An update from Brianne Wood, Timberland’s community engagement coordinator, during her week of community rebuilding in New Orleans:

Tuesday, November 4

One of the community service projects this week is working in partnership with Rebuilding Together.  As first responders back to New Orleans and residents of one of the areas hardest hit (Hollygrove) Loran and Linda Ebarb qualified for a new home rebuild.  They are such unique people and you can’t help but just love them instantly.  They are charismatic, kind and giving; the kind of people that have so little but would give it all away if they thought someone else needed it more.

I spent two days laying down bamboo flooring in their living room.  After our group had finished laying down tar paper in prep for the flooring, it was an employee from Eileen Fisher that turned around to me and said “Hey look Brianne, we literally and figuratively left our footprints here in the Ebarbs’ house.”

I love that he rippled the messaging I expressed in opening night introductions, of needing to leave a positive footprint wherever we go. Although the picture itself is not glamorous and would not mean much to a passer by, to me it holds many meanings.  We left our footprints in the Ebarbs’ house, the Ebarbs left a footprint in my heart that I hope I never forget.

I also note the date it was taken 11/4/08 – the same day we elected a new President of the United States.  This pictures is symbolic in the way that it proves we can be the change …”Yes, we can.”  I believe that, I live that and I will continue to fight for that.

You can read more about the experience and impact Brianne and her teammates are having this week on the In Good Company blog.

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