Front-Lawn Food

Most kids are relishing these last few weeks of summer, not quite ready to get back into the grind of the school year … but for some, returning to school will be a welcome relief. 

Many children who have access to a federally-funded free lunch program during the school year don’t have the same support during school breaks – leaving them without adequate, nutritious food.  Summer meal programs, offered by many schools and communities, help to bridge the gap – but they’re not universally available, and most programs don’t have the funding or resources right now to grow.

All the more reason to support local food banks that work to get critically-needed food items and services to the families who need them.  The wet, hot weather we’ve enjoyed here in New Hampshire has done wonders for our front-lawn Victory Garden, producing nearly 250 pounds of fresh herbs, flowers and vegetables so far this summer … which, when purchased by the Timberland community at our in-house “farm stand” translates into more than $600 for the NH Food Bank – enough money to buy 2,436 meals for people living with hunger in our state.

We think the Timberland tomatoes are to die for … but not nearly as satisfying as knowing our home-grown bounty is also helping to feed others in our community.  Back to the harvesting …

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