Green Energy in Coal Country

95% of the power produced in the state of Kentucky comes from coal – one of the most widely-used fuels for electrical generation, and one of the largest fixed-source producers of CO2.  It’s no small feat, then, that deep in the heart of coal country Kentucky Utilities Company (KU) is working hard to make their energy green.

By enrolling in KU’s Green Energy program, customers can offset the carbon impact of their electricity use, one “block” at a time.  Every $5 purchase of Green Energy ensures that 300 kWh of renewable energy is delivered onto the Kentucky transmission grid (currently sourced from the Mother Ann Lee hydroelectric plant, with more renewable energy sources under consideration) – supporting the development of renewable energy in the region, and helping to improve the environment for all of us.

Through KU’s Green Energy program, Timberland recently began offsetting 100% of the carbon emissions from our Danville, KY distribution center – to the tune of roughly 1,894 tons of CO2 emissions each year.  We’re proud to be the first Green Business to join KU’s program at the 100% level.

KU customers can calculate their carbon footprint and enroll in the Green Energy program on the company’s website.  Not a Kentucky resident?  Call your local utility company and inquire about renewable energy options – many now offer green energy programs similar to KU’s.

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    With a greener planet, you and I can look forward to a cleaner and more beautiful environment, relatively free of pollution. With better quality of air, surroundings and food, we are more likely to be healthier (to be around to fulfill our aspirations and enjoy our relationship with our loved ones).

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