In the News: Timberland Tree Planting in Asia

We’re pleased to share the following clip from Channel NewsAsia highlighting Timberland’s commitment to reforestation.  Kudos to Timberland’s team in Asia — from Singapore to the Horqin Desert in Inner Mongolia, they’re clearly pulling on their boots and making a difference for the environment!

  • Sharing Strength in Japan

    [...] this year, in place of engaging in usual CSR activities. We have also given up participating in the tree-planting tour to the Horqin Desert this year so that we can send as many employees as possible to the disaster-stricken areas, because [...]

  • Environmental report

    Great! I like joining activities like this. We should really encourage more people to join in events like this. This is just a way of giving back to nature for  so much thing it provides for us. 

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