Insight on Offsets

Carbon offsets have gained notoriety as a bit of a “miracle drug” within the context of climate change; with the number of carbon offset providers and options growing daily, it’s relatively easy – and increasingly common — for individuals and companies alike to purchase offsets as a means of mitigating their greenhouse gas emissions. 

But no miracle is without controversy, as this recent SNEWS® Live podcast  demonstrates.  With a variety of sources for offsets (renewable energy, reforestation and methane combustion among them), are all offsets created equal?  How can offset purchasers be sure they’re not buying “worthless” credits?  And what about the argument that offsets are nothing more than a way for environmental despoilers to pay for their sins, rather than changing their behavior?

As Earthkeepers, we believe in making conscious choices about our behavior to improve the environment, first and foremost – and that there’s always room to raise the bar.  We also believe there’s space on the environmental agenda for any initiative that contributes, credibly and meaningfully, to a lighter footprint and a greener planet.  This is one conversation we’ll continue to follow. 

Our thanks to the SNEWS® Live team and podcaster James Mills for shedding good light on this murky topic, and for allowing us to share it.

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