Introducing EarthKeeper Heroes

Some people follow celebrity gossip in tabloids.  Some people look to hang with jet-setters, the taste-makers, the athletes, the musicians. That’s all cool…  But I’ve always sought out those amazing individuals who take a stand to solve the world’s “unsolvable” problems — be it bringing clean water to Africa, taking on dictatorships in hostile countries most people could care less about (accept those living there, of course), getting their hands and boots dirty to clean-up after a natural disaster, or bringing a cool approach to solving the climate crisis.

I never knew what to call these people until one day I met the most extraordinary “Change Agent” hanging out in a bar I was in and toting around his Mac to show pics of his recent trip aboard a “surgery ship” in West Africa.  We built Changents for him and the thousands like him around the world who are magnets for “fans” like me who want to jump on their team and change the world.  Yes, I know it sounds a bit wonky, but it’s true.

Changents is not about “go hug a tree” or “chain yourself to a bulldozer” – unless, of course, you have the time and inclination do that.  We don’t.  Actually, there are plenty of places for people to gripe about things or talk about things. Instead, we are the place where ordinary people can team up with extraordinary Change Agents from around the world to advance the change revolution together. We’re all about entertainment and attitude where real people take real action.  You can check the kumbaya at the door, please!

We met Timberland about six months ago and they had us at hello. Their commitment to walking the talk is what we’re all about and so we’ve partnered to bring you Earthkeepers.  You’ll have a chance to follow and interact with five extraordinary Change Agents, dubbed, “Earthkeeper Heroes.” They include: The Big Green Bus (12 Dartmouth University students crisscrossing the country this summer in a tricked-out Harvester school bus converted to run on waste vegetable oil); The Canary Project (an artist couple conveying the story of human-induced climate change and potential solutions through visual media, events and artwork); Agent 350 (a recent college grad and his scrappy team in a mad-dash sprint to build a global, online/offline climate action movement from scratch); Reverb (a group of rock and roll road warriors greening the summer concert tours of the Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer and Maroon 5/Counting Crows while engaging fans around environmental sustainability); and POWERleaper (digests from a 23-year old designtrepeneur who has created the blue print for urban flooring systems that generate electricity from human foot traffic).  In addition, you can participate in the Earthkeeper Heroes contest by nominating yourself or someone else to compete for a chance to join the ranks of this amazing group.

If you got what it takes, join us at!

Deron Triff

CEO & Co-Founder


The Big Green Bus
If you’re on the road and hear the sounds of a ukulele gently wafting out the windows of a tricked-out, green Harvester school bus, close behind you’ll see us – a group of 12 college students rocking and rolling across the country this summer out to educate the world about alternative fuels. Read More

How Green is Your Guitar? I’m Adam Gardner and as a co-founder of Reverb and member of the band Guster, I can say mine is pretty green.

I have a custom-made, eco-friendly First Act guitar made of salvaged hardware and electronics, using a finish and glue with lower toxic emissions and wood harvested from environmentally certified lumber firms. Yep, pretty green. Read More

I’m Elizabeth Redmond- your designtrepreneur (a term my friend and colleague Joe coined meaning designer, entrepreneur, and allow me to add, inventor). Back in 2005 during my BFA thesis work at the University of Michigan, I set out to design interfaces that generate electricity from the human body. Now, two and a half years later, I’m working around the clock to turn the alternative energy paradigm on its head through my brainchild I call POWERleap — a flooring system destined for high foot- traffic urban areas that generates electricity via human footfall. Think 5th Avenue powered by the stampede of shoppers! Read More

The Canary Project
First of all there is a rule and all sensible people follow it:  don’t work with your spouse.  We are not very sensible.

I am Ed Morris, and I used to be a partner in a private investigative firm.  No, I did not carry a gun.  In fact, for the past two years I worked hard on litigation aimed at stemming the flow of illegal guns into our cities.  My client was Mayor Bloomberg’s office here in New York.  I have worked on other investigations such as the impeachment hearings of former Connecticut Governor John Rowland, anti-trust lawsuits and an arson and cover up involving millions of dollars of false inventory. Now I produce artworks about climate change with my wife.  Strange how life is. Read More

Agent 350
Three hundred and fifty is something we all eat, sleep, live and literally breathe.  You may not know it yet, but 350 is going to become the most important, talked about number on the planet.  At least that’s the plan. Read More

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