Just Another Manic Monday

Oh, to be a Timberland Earthkeeper.  Our morning schedule today looked something like this:

1. Host Victory Garden “Open House” to share insight and expertise with local area businesses wanting to start their own corporate lawn gardens.

2.  Harvest and weigh (using super-sophisticated methods) whatever looks ripe for the picking (today’s bounty included herbs, flowers, zucchini, cabbage, green peppers and one odd-looking summer squash).

3.  Haul the fresh produce into our lobby where eager employees gladly exchange donations to the NH Food Bank for a bagful of the best veggies around.

Not a bad way to start the work week.  Our thanks to Ann Caron and her Victory Garden committee for allowing us to videotape them Earthkeeping in action.

(And, just to show you that our volunteer gardeners aren’t the only ones working hard today, the end of the video features some of the crew and equipment working to install our new energy-efficient white roof!)

Those of you who couldn’t make the trip to NH for today’s open house, never fear — we’re always happy to talk to anyone interested in our Victory Garden (or help you figure out how to start your own).  Just let us know the best way to reach you and we’ll be in touch.

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