Nature Needs Heroes

Timberland is proud to announce its biggest and most environmentally-focused marketing campaign yet – Nature Needs Heroes.

Launching globally over the next several weeks, the campaign showcases our Earthkeepers™ product collection and uses outdoor imagery and humor to help convey the serious message of environmental accountability – the notion that even small acts of environmental action make a difference.

If you haven’t already seen our Nature Needs Heroes TV commercial, have a look and let us know what you think.  (Did it make you laugh?  Cry?  Want to get up off the couch and go be a hero yourself?)

You can also experience Nature Needs Heroes through our brand new, high-tech interactive microsite where you can check out our Earthkeepers product in 360-degree detail, go behind-the-scenes of the commercial shoot and learn more about some of the recycled and renewable materials we use.

And later this month we’ll be launching our new Facebook “Virtual Forest” application, where users will be able to create their own forest (or join a friend’s) online, which will result in Timberland planting live trees in Haiti to supplement our reforestation efforts there.  Stay tuned!

  • Sharp-eye

    In the “Lost Bottle” EarthKeepers brand commercial, there was a glaring mistake which any dedicated recycler would have noticed. The guy who stars in the commercial saves the plastic bottle from being washed downstream, and then he puts it into the big recycling bin, WITH THE CAP STILL ON.

    People who are conscientious about recycling should know that the LDPE cap is not recyclable with the PET bottle, and that when it gets to the sorting center the hand-sorters will just grab it out and throw it into the trash. The manhour cost of removing the cap at that point in the waste stream exceeds the value of the bottle, so recyclers just throw away the bottles if they arrive with caps on them.

    Having the earthsaver character make such an obvious mistake shows him to be just a poseur. Somebody should take this one back to the editing room.

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    [...] Timberland, the US brand synonymous with outdoor active lifestyle that celebrates ruggedness, is already closely associated with enjoying nature. Maybe not always in an eco-responsible way, so the New Hampshire-based company came up with an ad campaign that pokes fun at just how far an “eco-lover” would go to save the planet from one more trash item. In this case it’s a empty plastic water bottle. Watch it! It’s both inspiring and humorous. Let’s hope Timberland’s message gets across… and of course you’d want to do all the “water bottle chasing while maneuvering through the treacherous terrain” in Timberland boots and attire!! [...]

  • Zo2833

    Does anybody know what song is used for this commercial and their microsite or is this originally made just for the ad?

  • earthkeepers

    Zo2833: the song is “Gilt Complex” by Sons & Daughters. Hope you like it!

  • earthkeepers

    Sharp-eye — your comment sparked a great conversation here at Timberland. Wanting to get clear on the “cap or no cap” issue ourselves, we checked in with friends at Waste Management (the largest waste collection company here in the US) who told us caps are OK — in fact, they prefer that consumers leave them on when recycling. We did find a ton of contradicting information in our research, so it's easy to see how there's confusion … and we appreciate you nudging us to verify our facts. Thanks!

  • Karri

    What is that jacket? And more importantly, where can I buy it? I’ve been searching that from both the US Timberland online store and UK online store, but there isn’t an exact match.

    The whole outfit will be my style for the upcoming spring, and I absolutely need to find that jacket. I already bought the the same Earthkeepers boots as in the commercial.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Karri – the jacket featured in the Nature Needs Heroes ad is our Fleece-Lined Abington Jacket, and sources tell me it may have sold out. Not sure it’s any consolation, but we do have similar jackets on both US and UK websites … and spring products are coming!

  • Ricketyhat

    We’d like to know where the ad was made. We’re betting from little clues that it was the US.

  • Anonymous

    @Ricketyhat – the Nature Needs Heroes commercial was actually shot in Columbia. Thanks for asking!

  • Anonymous

    Ranger40410 – the song is “Country” by Threes and Nines. Hope you like it!

  • Marjens

    My nephew is the drummer! Great commercial!

  • Kira D.

    Kudos for such an awesome commercial.  In comparison with all the hoopla Dr. Pepper is being given with its “manly ads” they should have went with something just as creative and attractive to both sexes.  You’ve made me put Timberland boots on the Christmas lists of all the men in my life.

  • Jbanc80

    I find this commercial exceedingly annoying. The song is repetitive and irritating. And anyway, who’s gonna run 10 miles after a plastic bottle? I either leave the room or change the channel every time it comes on.

  • Plumbliner

    This was passionately performed, and made me laugh awkwardly, near the end.

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