No More Mowing – Veggies Growing!

Timberland Victory Garden, Stratham, NH

First Lady Michelle Obama isn’t the only one replacing green lawns with gardens … at Timberland’s New Hampshire headquarters, we’re into year two of our “Victory Garden” — raised beds growing everything from carrots and tomatoes to swiss chard and beets.  The garden was created last summer on open lawn in front of our building, and gained quick popularity among employees who purchase the freshly grown and picked goods all summer long (Victory Garden proceeds are donated to a local food bank).

  • Ann Caron

    Love the link to the NH Food Bank – we’ve got to get the word out!

  • Ann Caron

    My sister teaches at a school in Virginia that has a Victory Garden. What a way to grow our own Earthkeeper kids and help the hungry.

  • Tom

    Feeding the public and teaching others to grow their own food for sustaining their families is so important today. I am proud to work for a company which supports both of these concepts

    Kudos Ann Caron & Timberland Victory Garden workers

  • Ann Caron

    Yesterday’s harvest was 90 pounds and sold out in no time! Thanks to all Timberland employees and their generosity!

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