No Sleep Till (we’re done greening) Brooklyn

The population of New York City is expected to increase by a million new residents in the next twenty-five years. That’s a lot more people living in an already crowded city … and an additional challenge to the effort underway to maintain and create parks and open space. Thankfully, organizations like the New York Restoration Project (NYRP) are up for the challenge. 

NYRP was founded in 1995 by entertainer Bette Midler to be the “conservancy of forgotten places” – to reclaim, restore and develop under-resourced parks, community gardens and other open spaces in New York City.  To date, NYRP and its partner agencies and community groups have reclaimed more than 400 acres of under-resourced and rundown parkland, removed over 875 tons of garbage from project sites and served over 10,000 at-risk urban youth with free environmental education programs.

NYRP volunteers revitalizing a community garden

This Saturday, October 4, Timberland and NYRP will work to improve the “green” quality of life for more than 4,000 residents of the Van Dyke and Tilden Houses in Brooklyn by planting 450 new trees and building community gardens.  This will be the second of Timberland’s Dig It events taking place this month, and volunteers who participate in the daytime service event will be rewarded with an evening celebration at the Warsaw Theater, featuring Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard among other environmental artists and activists. 

To learn more about NYRP’s environmental initiatives, visit their website.  And to experience Earthkeeping in action, join us in Brooklyn this weekend (click here to register).

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