Passion for Planting in China

Nina Lin, one of Timberland’s Code of Conduct team members, shared with us this inspiring tree-planting story from a factory we work with in China:

Between  2009 and 2010, employees at Jiangmen Yi Xin Tanning Company Limited (“Yi Xin”) have planted nearly 2,000 larch seedlings on the mountain slopes surrounding their factory.  The company has focused on planting as a means of creating a greener environment, preventing the loss of soil and water, reducing noise and providing workers with a green as well as comfortable working environment.  The commitment is showing good progress, as those larch seedlings have grown into a forest little by little.

Yi Xin tree planting volunteers

This past March, a group of employees and volunteers converged once again at the foot of the mountain for another day of planting.  It had been more than two years since the first tree-planting activity, and the weeds growing up around the mountain were as tall as the larches.

In spite of the cold weather, the volunteers still worked with high passion, divided into many groups and assigned with different tasks. Some of us took out weeds, while others removed dead wood. We wielded our sickles, spades and hoes with big smiles on our faces, while the sweat drenched us.  Under our great efforts, the landscape surrounding our factory became greener and greener; it was satisfying to be able to put our environmental passion into action within our own community.

We look forward to planting more trees and continuing to improve the natural environment and our factory environment in the future.

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