Pictures of Purpose

A visual salute to the more than 4,800 employees and volunteers who worked inside, outside and upside down to create a positive impact in their communities during Timberland’s 13th annual Serv-a-palooza a few weeks ago.  A warm, sunny day and good company made the experience enjoyable … the collective power and passion made it unforgettable.

  • Carlos Marrero

    Dear Jeff Swartz ,

    I would like to know if theirs any plans to open a Timberland store in Seattle Washington or an Outlet Store in Tulalip, Washington. Tulalip is about 45 min to an hour from Seattle it's north close to Canada.

    In fact the majority of the customers that goes to the Seattle Primuem Outlets are from Canada. A specialty store in Seattle would be prime!

  • Anonymous

    Carlos, thanks for your comment / question … we don’t have anything specific to share right now as far as store openings in the Seattle area, but we’re always exploring new opportunities and locations that allow us to better connect with our outdoor consumers. Stay tuned!

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