Ready to Serve

Although our team in Egypt got a jump on the rest of us, for most of the Timberland community tomorrow is Serv-a-palooza – our worldwide, annual day of community service.  For the 12th year in a row, Timberland employees across the globe will be working alongside business partners and citizens to create positive, sustainable impact in local communities.

“Impact” can be vague.  Here’s what it means for us, in Serv-a-palooza terms:

  • 3,800 volunteers at 154 projects in more than 24 countries – committing more than 30,0000 hours of community service.
  • Planting trees, building bridges, constructing recreational parks, cleaning trails and gardens, building compost bins, fences and relationships that matter … 
  • Making life a little better and a little brighter for the camps, parks, social service organizations, environmental agencies and other community partners who will benefit from our sweat and labor, time and tools.

We haven’t maintained our 12-year-and-counting commitment to Serv-a-palooza because we love the publicity, or the community gratitude, or a day off from our regular jobs (although those are all nice perks).  We do it because we can, because one day can make a difference, because being part of something good just plain feels good. 

Stay tuned for post-Palooza reports and photos … and to join us for similar service adventures, register for project updates and invitations on

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