Reporting on Responsibility

Today we released our 2007-2008 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report — chock full of information about Timberland’s performance, successes, challenges, and forward-looking goals for each of our four CSR focus areas (energy, product, workplaces and service).

This bi-annual report is a more comprehensive compliment to our quarterly reporting efforts , and is designed to create a two-way dialogue for collecting feedback about our CSR initiatives.   Readers are invited to share their feedback and ideas for improvement through the "Voices of Challenge " — a dynamic online forum created to engage thought leaders, practitioners, NGOs, investors, students and consumers on specific CSR challenges facing the business community.  To jumpstart the online dialogue, we’ve invited thought leaders like Bill McKibben , Joel Makower , Li Qiang and New York City Mayor Bloomberg to weigh in.

We’re excited to share our new CSR report with all of our Earthkeeper readers, and invite you to give it a read and also join the Voices of Challenge conversation .  Feedback, questions and challenges are also welcome here on the Earthkeeper blog.

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