Earthkeeping Around the Globe

Next Thursday, Timberland employees around the globe will participate in the company’s 10th annual “Serv-a-palooza” – a company-wide celebration uniting employees, vendors, community partners, and youth in a day of community service. Many of this year’s 140 Serv-a-palooza projects are focused on environmental stewardship – from cleaning up trash near Mount Fuji to removing invasive plant species in England.

The goal of Serv-a-palooza – beyond enjoying a day out of the office and a unique teambuilding opportunity with colleagues – is to create a positive, sustainable impact on the community in which you’re serving. As a visual example of the kind of impact that can be created by a group of energetic volunteers in one day, consider these photos from another recent Timberland service day — Earth Day 2008, when approximately 100 volunteers spent the day planting native vegetation in Taipei’s Peace Park in Taiwan.

Before the Earthkeeping started:

On Earth Day:

The positive impact — still growing three months later:

Next week’s Serv-a-palooza projects promise to yield equally rewarding transformations … some of which we hope to document and share here on Earthkeepers. Stay tuned.

  • Curious George

    Out of curiosity, and probably a stupid question, but do ALL Timberland employees get the day off to do community service that day? I can’t imagine that’s the case but pretty cool either way!

  • Earthkeepers

    Hi George -

    Not a stupid question at all. While most Timberland employees have the opportunity to participate in Serv-a-palooza, we usually need a core skeletal staff for certain business functions and at our manufacturing facility, distribution centers, etc. To maximize employee engagement, many of our facilities schedule a variety of Serv-a-palooza projects for different days/times so that all employees have an opportunity to participate.

    Thanks for your question!

  • Curious George

    That’s kind of what I thought might be the case, thanks for the answer.

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