Taking Care of Community

When he’s not working as an analyst in our Ecommerce department, Donald Stickney trades his computer skills for power tools to participate in our community service projects.  Here, he shares his most recent service experience … and reminds us that being an Earthkeeper isn’t just about planting trees or reducing carbon emissions; creating a positive impact for our planet includes taking care of the people who live here.  

One of the reasons I work at Timberland is the opportunity it affords to get out and help the local community. I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of many service initiatives, but the most recent one shines a particular light on the power of the Timberland community, so I wanted to share the story.

It was seven years ago when Cheryl first heard of Timberland service when we installed a handicap accessible ramp at the house of her close friend Ella. Six years later, it was Cheryl and her family that would need a similar support system.

Cheryl’s time of need started when a tree partially crushed her parent’s house last December. It continued in April, when her father passed away. And it culminated last month when her mother lost her leg to diabetes complications.

Some of the same members of the team that helped out her friend Ella seven years ago stepped up once again, recruited a larger team, and coordinated the building of a wheelchair ramp for Cheryl’s mother, to be ready and waiting for her when she arrived home from the hospital.

The ramp, a 25 foot long beauty that included a landing at the door, was completed in one day, and meets all ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards.  And thanks to another huge effort by a Timberland service team, Cheryl’s mother has a home suited to her needs.

Donald Stickney
Timberland Ecomm Analyst and Earthkeeper

  Before and after, Timberland service project:




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