Technology Finds Second Life in South Africa

Six months ago, we shared with you the good work our European team is doing to give new life to old computers by donating them through Computers 4 Africa, a UK-based nonprofit which (as the name implies) refurbishes and ships used computers to schools in Africa and South Africa.

Through Computers 4 Africa, we recently received this update about where and how our donated PCs are now having an impact:

Computers donated by Timberland have made their way to KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa.

Half the population of KwaZulu–Natal is below the poverty line. The students are mainly Zulu with about 25% Indian intake. The principal of Lower Tugela Primary School, Hans Tulsee, recognised the importance of ICT education and as a result launched a computer room last year through local fundraising efforts. The room was to be officially opened on 30th Jan 2010.

Thinking of upgrading your own PC?  Consider donating your old one (or, donating your time to help a good cause) through Computers 4 Africa’s website.

  • Joomla Web Design

    Yes it is true that technology finds second life in South Africa.It is nice thought by USA,UK that they donate the second hand computer for South Africa.

  • Anonymous

    in many poor areas the computer is quite needed …

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