The Kindergarten of Stella International Ltd.

In another report from our Code of Conduct team, we learn about the work being done by one of Timberland’s longtime footwear vendors in China to support its community of employees and their families:

In order to better meet the educational needs of their employees’ children, Stella Group opened their first on-site kindergarten in 2000. After great initial success and enthusiasm from employees, Stella opened two more kindergartens shortly after.  Today, Stella Group’s 3 kindergartens are staffed by 17 professional teachers and serve more than 270 employees’ children.

Compared with other kindergarten options, Stella’s kindergarten is less costly and more convenient for employees.  The children enjoy studying and playing, and are learning life skills and educational basics, as well as etiquette.

Stella’s students showing off their accomplishments

The kindergarten holds many special events and activities, including Festival Day and Children’s Day, and Stella’s management participates in the activities with children.  Each year Stella hosts a “how to educate the children” program, and this year invited a professional teacher from Taiwan to train the kindergarten’s teachers and children’s parents. 120 teachers and parents participated in this training, which included a rich discussion with the professional teacher about the excellent education methods she has learned from her years of experience.

All dressed up for Children’s Day festivities!

We’re proud to work with companies like Stella that recognize the importance of early education and are committed to supporting it.  Well done, Stella!

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