The Power of 350

The Power of 350

A few weeks back we introduced you to the Earthkeeper Heroes – five “change agents” we believe are doing exciting and compelling work to make the world a greener place. 

Agent 350 is one of those heroes – actually, a whole team of heroes – working around the clock and around the world to spread a global climate movement to make 350 the most well-known, most talked about number on the planet.

Agent 350 doesn’t have a lot going for them in the traditional sense; they’re not heavily bank-rolled, they’re not an elite group of environmental scientists, they’re not even terribly experienced (median age of the team is 23 years old).  That’s precisely why we love them.  They’re resourceful, creative, ambitious … wise beyond their years and great collaborators and conveners.  We believe in their endeavor – to unite voices around the globe in an unprecedented call to action on the climate crisis – and we believe they’re just the group to pull it off.

Agent 350 and his team have just reached the first milestone in mounting their global movement – launching 350’s home on the internet.  Our favorite website feature?  This “350 animation” video that summarizes, in 90 seconds flat and using not a single spoken word, the climate crisis and 350’s critical role in stemming it.  We think it’s powerful – dare we say earth-changing – stuff.


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