Three Reasons Why We Love Earth Day

What’s to love about a day of community service in honor of Earth Day?




We also love mulch, rakes, hammers and all sorts of other toys of the great outdoors we don’t get to play with during the course of a normal business day.

Timberland volunteers were not the only ones to get out and celebrate Earth Day this week – it looks like our West Coast colleagues at The North Face, lucy and JanSport had a great day doing good work, too:

Yes, it was a lot of fun – and incredibly meaningful for the local community and environmental organizations who benefited from our efforts.  Thanks to the Timberland and VF volunteers who took time out this week to make a difference in their world; the sore muscles and sunburned arms were well worth it.

  • Ann Moore

    Corporate responsibility and concerns for the enviroment ought to be a real issue now and in the future.  Ann Moore

  • Jose3542009

    who i can be a  volunteer  ??????? because i like  that you doing !!!!

  • The Eden Projects

    Awesome job doing your part to help the environment!!!  Thanks for the support. 

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