Transparency Takes Center Stage

As stakeholders and businesses alike become more comfortable with the idea of environmental consciousness and all its translations, another notion has entered the conversation: transparency.  It’s no longer enough for an organization to claim to be green or environmentally-friendly; savvy consumers – and shareholders — are demanding that businesses today go a step further and substantiate their claims.

Here, three recent discussions around the issue of transparency that have caught our attention, and might pique yours as well:

Triplepundit highlights Creative Citizen, an “action-based green wiki” that provides companies a forum to back their green product claims – and gives consumers the opportunity to weigh in with their own opinions and experiences.

o On Leading Green, Jeffrey Hollender and Bill Breen share their views on the new standard of transparency, including pros (transparency builds trust like no other) and cons (if your transparency efforts reveal a flaw, you’d better be prepared to fix it).

Marc Gunther explores transparency in the context of relationships between big green environmental groups and corporate America, and reviews “Green Inc.” – a forthcoming book suggesting NGOs and business may be cultivating questionable ties.

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