Up With Sundance! Down With Styrofoam!

Hello Earthkeepers – I’m Margaret, one of the Earthkeeper Bloggers attending the 2009 Sundance Film Festival.  I’m excited to be here in Park City, Utah to join our Earthkeeper woman-on-the-street reporter, Annabelle Gurwitch, in a journey to find out what Earthkeeping means to the festival attendees and participants.

I arrived in Park City late yesterday afternoon with a feeling of intrigue. I’ve been to Park City many times but never during the Festival. The hotel lobby was packed with folks involved with the 10-day event, which actually doesn’t officially begin until tonight. Through the throng of people buzzing around, I was psyched to see one of the hundreds of Earthkeeper recycling bins in a hallway adjacent to the lobby. These bins are stationed around the many festival venues, including all of the theaters in which the incredible 2009 roster of festival films will be screened over the next ten days.

For me, the couple of days I spend here in Park City are all about Earthkeepers. I’m eager to see how the operations team that is responsible for putting on a large scale, long term event such as the Sundance Film Festival approach sustainability and accountability for the event’s environmental footprint. And, I can’t wait to talk with festival attendees to discuss their views of the state of the environment and what Earthkeepers and Earthkeeping means to them. And we’re going to head over the Park City recycling center to see how they’re set up to deal with the increased volume of recycled materials that they’re forecasting as a result of the tens of thousands of folks who will be embarking on their town during the next ten days.

The Festival is very committed to the 3Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle). That was evident when they handed us reusable water bottles as we entered a pre-festival sponsorship meeting. That was a welcomed gesture for me as I was still grappling with the use of Styrofoam cups that were being used to dispense coffee and tea on my flights from Boston to Salt Lake.  Let’s just say, the airline hasn’t heard the last word from me on the Styrofoam cup thing.

Back to more pleasant thoughts. It’s 7:15 a.m. in Park City, UT as I type this. The mountains are snow capped and the rising sun is signaling what is slated to be a beautiful day. After a cup of coffee (in my reusable mug), I’m going to scout some locations for us to film Earthkeepers in action over the next couple of days. Tonight Annabelle and I will finalize our plans for capturing some fun, engaging Earthkeeper moments here at Sundance. Stay tuned to Earthkeeper.com and if you have any Earthkeeper questions you’d like us to ask festival goers, post them here in our comments section and we’ll do our best to get them out on the street to the Sundance Film Festival population.

Yours in Earthkeeping,
Margaret Morey-Reuner
Senior Manager of Values Marketing, Timberland

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