Wee Do!

Timberland’s brand-across-the-pond howies has taken the notion of commerce and justice a step further, launching “Wee Do” – a regular lecture series hosted in howies stores in London and Bristol.  Wee Do brings compelling stories — from community, social, environmental and cultural leaders who are driving real and positive change — right to the retail floor, in hopes of inspiring and connecting people who are looking to make an impact. 

And it’s working – the series has become a serious hit among howies consumers.  No surprise when you consider recent topics like urban farming, fashion in the cycling industry and “the science of the perfect pint” (this is England, after all).

If you’re traveling in the greater London area over the next several weeks, consider dropping in on one of these Wee Do lectures at howies in Carnaby (and, of course, check out their extensive line of incredible clothes):

11th AugustThe Hungry Cyclist: Five years ago, this guy decided to quit his job in advertising and cycle from New York City to Rio de Janeiro collecting recipes along the way.  He wrote a book about his experience by the same name.

25th AugustCooler Magazine: Mostly women’s magazine focused on the skate, surf, bike, action-sports with a conscience community.  

8th SeptemberPrick Your Finger: Welshwoman Rachael Matthews promotes making (mostly knitting) and mending your own clothes using local / ethical / natural materials.

22nd SeptemberShared Interest: a micro-lending organization which provides financial services towards improving the livelihoods of the poorest communities in developing countries.

And to check out the entire 2009 Wee Do lineup, visit howies online.

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