West Coast Update

Our daily update from Timberland Earthkeeper Sandy McDowell, halfway through her week of community service and revitalization in West Oakland, CA:

Yesterday we installed solar panels on two houses in West Oakland.  The company we worked with is called Grid Alternatives: they supply the solar panels and we install, with their help.  I talked to a neighbor who said it reduced his electric bill to 8 dollars a month!  We will finish that job today, and tomorrow we are building raised garden beds in West Oakland for City Slicker Farms.

I have met some awesome people in the neighborhood who are passionate for a better life.  Can’t wait to share all of those stories.


  • Tuk

    They recently launched the Earth Keepers campaign in The Netherlands and we thought it was a cool idea to let consumers have a say about the campaign and the products.

    Check it out http://www.igogreen.net/initiative/timberland

    Its still early days – but check out the site and maybe educate us Europeans a bit on what has been going on in the US for a lot longer.

    A bit about us – http://www.igogreen.net is our own new start-up – our aim is to become the place where consumers and companies can finally have a constructive dialogue about making products more sustainable.

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