Aren’t Feathers in Fashion Right Now?

From our email inbox, two flavors of customer feedback today … one complimentary, one not so complimentary.  I’ll leave it to you to figure out which is which.

The first comes from Ciro, a discerning shopper with (thankfully) a sense of humor:

… Ordered this jacket because it looked great and seemed like a steal for the discounted price. Little did I know that as soon as you try it on you’re going to look like poultry. I’ve had other down jackets where feathers occasionally pop out, but this one is ridiculous. The “shell” material is so thin and poorly made that you will be plucking feathers off of yourself for hours to come. So unless you’ve got a Halloween party coming up where your date is Colonel Sanders, I would advise strongly against purchasing this jacket. I would expect much better from Timberland.

So would we, which is why we’ve shared the “poultry” feedback with our apparel folks.  Feathers may be all the rage in hair extensions and jewelry, but we do believe they belong on the inside of a jacket.

Austin in Iowa had this to share:

I bought a pair of your boots 4 years ago. Very glad I did. Perfect for around the yard landscaping as well as fall hunting for the birds. Not too heavy, perfect for on the go. Gortex keeps my feet dry and my wife hates it when I come inside wearing them. I can’t blame her. But, I know in any prediction, wearing these boots, I’m ready for anything: weed-eating, mowing, climbing, running, putting the boat in, chasing foxes through the pasture. Love these boots. Please keep making them. This is my 4th pair.

I’m with Austin’s wife on this one — if he’s chasing foxes, hunting birds and running through pastures in his Mount Chocoruas, the boots probably deserve to stay outside at the end of the day. But we’re grateful for his love and enthusiasm, dirty boots or not.

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  • David

    I recently ordered t-shirts from Macy’s and was not impressed when I tried them on.  The material was very thin and the fit was tight and not comfortable.  I found the same shirts at a local Timberland Outlet store and, again very disappointed.  Also, the jeans and carpenter jeans have a “lower rise” and most fit tighter than usual.  I have been a Timberland customer for a long time, I hope this is all a fad or something.

  • Terry Conner

    I bought a pair of your Timberland Pro boots less than 6 months ago. They are good boots. They are very comfortable but, the sole split across right where the ball of your foot is. You should really concentrate on workmanship…

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