Bison Don’t Like Bikers

… At least according to this love letter we received from Dave:

I’ve been wearing Timberland boots since I left on my round the world bicycle journey in September 2009, through all sorts of weather conditions – sun, wind, rain, snow – on concrete, mud, sand and gravel.

I’ve taken them to all 4 corners of Canada and each side of the United States and wore them non-stop when having to pedal away from large packs of Bison running after me while riding. I rely on these shoes to get me around as they are well made, the soles are thick and rigid, and importantly the laces and other hardware surrounding the lacing area puts up with considerable amount of abuse. It’s a must to have a waterproof membrane for what I do, and equally important that it can breathe on hot days as I will wear my Timberlands in 104 or -20F.

I’m choosing to wear Timberland boots all the way around the world, I know they work, fit great and can stand up to daily abuse.

Dave’s boots (rest assured we’ve sent him a new pair, just in case these do eventually bite the dust):

If the packs of bison or crazy extreme temperatures caught your attention, you can click through to Dave’s website to read more about his travels and experiences.  And if you’ve had your own Timberland-equipped journey, please share!  (It’s okay if your journey was around the block and not around the world … every story counts.)

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