Bring Back the Patchwork Boots!

More boot love (and a request for our product team) from our customer email box:

Hi Timberland,

About 5 years ago I fell in love with a pair of your patchwork boots and received them for Christmas.  I absolutely LOVE my boots and EVERYWHERE I go… for the past 5 years I get stopped at least 5-7 times in stores from total strangers asking me where did I get my boots!!!  We got them in Atlanta!!  But you all do not sell these anymore and I think that is a big mistake.  I could probably put them on EBAY and get a high price.  I am serious.  Please bring these boots back to the market for consumers and your company.  They are loved.

Thank you and a Very Merry Christmas,

Crystal in North Carolina

  • guest

    ME TOO!!! I tore a page out of a magazine to buy those and delayed. Now I’ve been searching for TWO YEARS! I check eBay too but no sign of them. Please bring them back, Timberland!!

  • Jay Bouck

    I agree. They are unique and defined. I would love a chance to get a pair.

  • Asanipas

    I totallly feel tha same way!! i need A NEW pair bad but i want Patchwork!

  • Dv8anly

    I have been searching for about two to three years the a pair of brown men and women patchwork boots. I saw them at a store and I feel in love with them, but they did not have the size I was looking for. I called around and no luck at all! I am asking Timberland to please bring back the patchwork boots, they are rare and I wish I coudl find a pair or two. I absolutly love those boots.

  • Colin

    I just got a pair on ebay and I love them and guys stop me all the time asking where I got them or if they could buy them right off my feet. Bring them back so i can get different colors of them

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