Eco-Conscious and Tour Bus Resistant

In honor of Halloween, we wanted to share the treats that showed up in our customer mailbox recently.  You guys say the sweetest things!

Wanda writes:

On October 14, 2005 my two year old son’s right foot was run over by a tour-sized bus. Because of your Timberland boots he suffered no broken bones, only stitches under all five toes. I still have the pair of Timberlands he was wearing that day. You can still see the bend in the shoe when it was taking on the weight of the bus. Thank you for saving my son’s foot.

And this, from “Yat”:

I’ve just bought the earthkeeping clogs and I’m not even a clog person! The fact that they were made with the environment in mind makes them just that much more special. They are cute, comfortable, light and the quality is very good especially compare to the throwaway fashion that we are now sadly used to. I could tell that a lot of time and attention has been spent on developing the design of your shoes.

We love to hear from people who buy our products about how well they perform (but please – don’t throw your foot under a bus to find out).  And yes, we also like to know when our stuff misses the mark.  Have a Timberland story?  Send it in and maybe we’ll feature it in an upcoming blog post!

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